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Protect Your family with affordable medical coverage and car protection. Also a review of HMO benefits in small business and senior managed care plans. At Best Rated Insurance we understand that you have a choice.

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Providing health insurance coverage for medical expenses and policies that cover all of your families doctor bills. We offer low cost health and auto insurance for you and your family.

Insurance plans can sometimes be confusing. Should you buy an individual plan or the plan offered by your employer? Which health insurance provider will give you the benefits you really need? Maybe you arenít sure if the type of coverage you have is really what you need. Our friendly staff can explain whatís available in your area. And in most cases give you several quotes right over the phone. Get the answers to all your questions from our helpful staff by phone or email. Then when you are ready to buy, we can assign your case to one of our nation wide brokers. We are the only insurance marketing company that has successfully organized a nationwide network of brokers and agents to better serve you. Our brokers will explain the differences between the most popular plans in your area, and let you decide what is right for you. We are confident that together we will find an affordable solution to your health care needs.

Looking for health insurance coverage? Get fast, free policy quotes and apply for coverage online. We provide our Medical Coverage Guidelines to our members, physicians and providers so that you are aware of the criteria used in determining coverage for medical payment purposes. Offers health insurance quotes, plan benefit comparisons and online applications for all types of medical plans. We strive to cover procedures, treatments, medical devices and prescriptions proven to be safe and effective for a particular disease or condition.

We are pleased to provide auto insurance in Texas and across the nation. We offer low cost auto insurance options online even if you have a less than perfect driving record, have never been insured before, have let your policy lapse, or have had your coverage suspended or revoked. State law requires you to have auto liability protection.

At Best Rated Insurance, we are committed to providing an affordable solution for your health care needs. With more than a hundred companies to pick from, we can help you find health insurance that is the right fit for you.

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